The Siege of Goa – 1342 AD

Invited by a disgruntled prince, an Islamic Sultan sieged a major Hindu city using ships, amphibious watercraft carrying armored cavalry, landed ashore and pushed the citizens back with their swords, forcing their final surrender by setting the palace stronghold afire. Fighting over the city would persist for approximately two more years, but ultimately would fall to the Sultan’s Dynasty for 15 years before returning to Hindu rule.

The City of Daulatabad

In the 14th century, the Sultan of Delhi moved his capital to Western India for seven years so that he could wage war and conquer the area. The city was filled with merchants, mystics, scholars, and singers and was stocked rich full of jewels and fruits.

Sultan Tughluq the Bullied

Sultan Tughluq was one of the Sultans of Delhi, an imperial Islamic kingdom in 14th century India. He was violent and foolish and no one liked him. However, his bad government policies persisted since he continuously waged war on the peoples of the Indian sub-continent. The citizens of Delhi, though, had a funny way of fighting back.