? – 3000 B.C.

The Delhi Witch Trials

In Medieval India, if you were suspected to be a witch, you would be tied down with weights and thrown into a river. If you floated, you were a witch and would be burned at the stake. This practice was occurring in 14th century India, not just 15th century Europe and 17th century Massachusetts.

The Ascension of Buddha

Disillusioned with the world, Prince Shakyamuni climbed an unconquerable mountaintop to meditate in peace until he died, then reincarnated 84 times until achieving godhood. This version of Buddha’s apotheosis was retold by Marco Polo in the late 13th century.

The Merchants of Darkness

The Land of Darkness was a realm of pitch black in the northern reaches of Eurasia where a legendary race of spirit-people resided, guarded by tundra wolves. They opened their realm only to the richest and most adventurous of merchants. This is the history of the medieval Siberian fur trade.


By living a clean life devoted to his art and the gods, this mythological Cypriot from Greek and Roman mythology was able to build himself the perfect woman and make her come to life.