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Shahan Garo

Educated in Southern California with a Bachelors in History and a Juris Doctorate, Shahan has directed his passion for understanding how the world works into a writing practice that aims to deliver entertaining and enlightening content for the inquiring mind.

The Remnants of Caesar’s Civil War: Naval Battle off Tauris Island

The naval battle off Tauris Island in the Adriatic Sea was fought between Caesarean and Pompeiian forces after the Great Roman Civil War. The opposing fleets clashed at such close quarters that melee combat essentially decided the battle.

The Great Roman Civil War: Caesar versus Afranius

Julius Caesar spent the year of 49 B.C hunting down the men who opposed his coming to Rome with an active-duty army. The chase led him out to Hispania (modern: Spain) where he would learn how differently war was conducted outside of Gaul, how much more challenging it was to fight against fellow Roman generals who were as well trained and educated as him, and yet, how truly gifted he was indeed at adapting to new enemies and commanding a military dynamically.