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Shahan Garo

Educated in Southern California with a Bachelors in History and a Juris Doctorate, Shahan has directed his passion for understanding the how the world works into a writing practice that aims to deliver entertaining and enlightening content for the inquiring mind.

The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia and the Journey of Her King to Visit the Mongol Emperor

In 1254 A.D., King Hethum I of Armenian Cilicia, a kingdom on the Mediterranean coast in the midst of the Crusades, sought an alliance with the world’s mightiest power of the time, the Mongol Empire. The overland journey was far flung and dangerous and many barbarian nations were encountered therein, but the result was a success and curious adventure.

The Merchants of Aden

Aden was and still is an important port city on the southwestern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Built up by medieval merchants, it was the home of many rich and eccentric traders. Click above to read more about a funny rivalry between two such men.

The Merchants of Darkness

The Land of Darkness was a realm of pitch black in the northern reaches of Eurasia where a legendary race of spirit-people resided, guarded by tundra wolves. They opened their realm only to the richest and most adventurous of merchants. This is the history of the medieval Siberian fur trade.

The Plague

Despite the pestilence of the plague, which ravaged the world for centuries, measures of social distancing and a desire for a new world sparked the genius in many of humanity’s greatest thinkers. Dreamers like Isaac Newton, Petrarch and Boccaccio, and Leonardo da Vinci were able to hone their mental energy toward their creative pursuits and lead humanity toward new planes of enlightenment.


By living a clean life devoted to his art and the gods, this mythological Cypriot from Greek and Roman mythology was able to build himself the perfect woman and make her come to life.